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Save Time & Frustration With Quickliner®

Quick & Easy!

Use one of our soapstone pencils along with your Magic Eraser Sheet or Micro Fiber Cloth to erase lines in seconds! No erasers needed and never use a ruler again! Use the A ( Ascender ) & B ( Baseline ) guides to know where your letters should sit and how high up to write.

Non-Slip Rubber Feet!

Our sturdy acrylic material stays in place with the revolutionary rubber feet that have been placed on each corner to secure your Quickliner® guide. You will be able to quickly place your liner on top of your envelope without any movement giving you straight lines every time.

Available In A Variety Of Sizes!

Our Quickliner® line comes in a variety of sizes. Currently, we offer 4-Bar, A-2, A-6, A-7, A-8, A-9, No. 10, 5 Square, 5.25 Square, 5.5 Square, 6 Square, 6.25 Square, 6.5 Square. Packs are also available. If you need a custom size, just ask!

Hear what Katie has to say about Quickliner®!

I am loving my Quickliners! I love to send cards, but I procrastinate because I hate the lining process! This is a game changer! You are brilliant!!

Brenda T., California

Simple yet perfect in design: a non-slip template (HUGE!) pre-measured grids with enough room for pencil point.  I own the A2 and the A7. Most importantly, it has provided me (and my eyes) relief.  I work faster and there is a consistency in the visual quality of the work. Also, less waste.

Ann Marie V., Virginia

I bought Quickliner to help speed up my envelope addressing for my dark blue holiday cards. I wasn't sure if it would help until I bought the A-7 liner and soapstone pencil and sure enough it worked like a charm! My addresses were straight and pretty. This product is exactly as it presented to the customer. Highly recommended!

Sarah S., Virginia

I can't believe it took someone this long to make this product. I love it because it has saved me hours and hours trying to address clients lined envelopes. I just bought every size, even if the my client envelopes are slightly unique sizes. LOVE this product!!

Kat C., Texas

This product has been so easy to use! I would recommend it to others.

Hailey B., New Jersey

Highly recommended product! These work well on all kinds of envelopes. I love the fact that its so sturdy. Really easy to use. I use the No. 10 size to give my business more of a personalized feel.

Jason P., New York